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Please be advised that you have identified you are NOT working with a realtor. You are permitted to participate in auctions as a bidder without a realtor, however it is important you understand the responsibilities and rules surrounding unrepresented bidders. The listing brokerage in any auction will not have a client relationship with unrepresented bidders, and as such, the customer service provided to you is restricted to the services required to fulfil the transaction, yet not with any fiduciary client relationship with the listing brokerage. In the event you are a successful bidder in an auction, you will be required to execute a Customer Service Agreement and 'Working With a Realtor' document as part of the documentation. You are encouraged to learn more about the client and customer relationships in our terms & conditions. If you would like to work with a real estate professional, you are welcome to engage the individual of your choice prior to bidding.

I acknowledge I will participate in the auctions according to the terms above. I understand that I am allowed to bid without representation of a real estate professional, however I will not receive the benefits of a client relationship, and will need to engage in a customer service agreement should I be a successful bidder.

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